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Watercolor Landscapes

This course students learned all about the use of watercolors and its various applications. They studied all the different techniques and had to utilize what they learned when creating their landscape.
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Graphite Portrait Drawing

he grid method was learned to help create an accurate drawing. This is the advanced lesson after they had already learned how to draw proportions of the face. They were introduced to drawing on tinted paper to accentuate highlights as well as shadows.”
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Watercolor Mango

”After learning the techniques for watercolors students had to render a still life of a mango and paint it using watercolors. They learned how to blend, mix new colors, and create gorgeous highlights. They also had to decide on a color scheme that would complement mangoes.”
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Symmetrical Graphite drawing

”This was an excellent exercice in symmetrical drawing. Students had to draw the other half of the panda

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Palette knife Tu B’shvat Fruit

”We looked at many different paintings using the impasto technique. Students learned how to draw pomegranates and painted them with a palette knife to create a thick, abstract textured look. They had to use their knowledge of color mixing, highlights and shadows as well as overlapping shapes to create depth to successfully paint these.
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Surreal Watercolor Portraits

”This course covered so many different mediums and techniques. Students first learned how to successfully draw a portrait using proper proportions. Then we studied surrealism and portraits. They learned how to use watercolor pencils, watercolors, and successfully designed their own surreal portraits!”

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”After studying paintings by famous abstract artist, Kandinsky, as well as many other abstract paintings, students had a clear understanding of how to successfully create an abstract painting. We talked about the use of lines, shapes and color to create an interesting abstract painting, rather than trying to make something look realistic.”



” Students painted traditional menorahs but had to use blending techniques of paint to create a more realistic look. The had fun using paint marker for drippy wax and snowflakes.”



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Warm and Cool, Abstract Menorah

”Chanukah was a great opportunity for students to get creative with menorahs. They designed abstract candles with interesting patterns.They used color blending techniques of oil pastel with a warm and cool color scheme they successfully created a background with liquid watercolors.”

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Color Wheel Umbrellas

”This class was all about color theory. Students successfully blended their own colors displaying a clear understanding of color blending. They used three different mediums for this picture, oil pastels, colored pencils, liquid watercolors. This gave them each a chance to learn about the different techniques for each medium and how to use them in harmony.”