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Painting Birds

Students learned various drawing methods such as, upside-down drawing, grid method and negative space drawing. They used their preferred drawing method to render stunning birds. The focus was on how to successfully shade and feather a bird. They did a great job in their color choices, compositions and utilizing techniques.

Crazy Values

One of the most important things in a painting is not the color choice but rather the values. If the values are correct the colors don’t really matter. This beautiful painting was done by a high school and demonstrates the use of values to create form rather than accurate color.

Drawing on Black Paper

Drawing on tinted paper was the focus of this lesson. Students learned how to use colored pencils, soft pastel, chalk and charcoal. They used the medium of their choice to create stunning drawings.


This was a great relaxing lesson! After learning about Zentangle art and looking at many different drawings in that style students got creative and designed their own Zentangle art. We also learned how to shade with paint markers and student had the option of staying black and white or get funky with their colors!

Abstract Matzos

This was fun way to celebrate Pesach! Abstract art was discussed and students looked at many different paintings to understand what qualified as abstract art. They had to use select colors and blend new ones. They focused on blending and creating different values in a color.

Oil Pastel on Black Paper

The objective was to learn how to use oil pastel on a dark tinted surface. Students focused on the light values and used the paper to create shadows. This was also a chance to go over landscape perspective and composition.

Oil Pastel Penguins

The focus of this lesson was learning how to use basic lines and shapes to draw. They learned how to blend with oil pastels and create realistic shadows and highlights.”

Watercolor Purim Clowns

These were so much fun! The kids had a great time designing their own unique clown for Purim! They learned how to cross hatch with pen as well as how to glaze paints to create transparent layers of color.