About Estee

Estee is an award winning artist who discovered her passion for art at a very early age. Diligent study and practice turned her innate talent into a full-time career.

Her broad range of work includes murals, portraits, decorative painting, glass painting and much more.

Estee’s murals focus mainly on the French Trompe L’oeil style. A technique that creates the optical illusion of three-dimensional imagery that can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Her particular sense of style, combined with pure talent, has taken her across the States and to Europe to complete commissions that bring a sense of wonder to all who view them.

Estee takes her love of art to another level as well, teaching art to people of all ages and all levels. Estee believes there is no individual who cannot learn to appreciate and enjoy the creative process no matter their level of expertise.

Her ability to create artwork with a unique style personalized for every individual client, makes art by Estee art for you. Something priceless that is a direct expression of your distinctiveness and to be enjoyed for generations to come.