Personal Description

I discovered my passion for art at a very early age. Who knew a passion for crayons would lead to a full-time career! My paintings are inspired by the small, beautiful moments in my life and I hope they inspire you. When I am not in the studio creating my next masterpiece, I paint murals all around the globe! The child in me finds great joy in being able to paint walls!

My life is art and when I am not painting I am teaching art to people of all ages and all levels. I believe there is no individual who cannot learn to appreciate and enjoy the creative process no matter their level of expertise. I find my passion continually renewed when I experience the excitement for art through my students.

My other skills include: finishing books I start, spoiling my nieces and nephews and eating an entire jar of peanut butter! I  love disconnecting from electronics long enough to appreciate a moment and have a great conversation because of it! When I am not with friends, who make me laugh,  and family who makes everything right, I spend my free time being active and then passionately talking about my activeness. I enjoy researching my latest topic of interest until I feel I should earn a degree for my efforts and attempting to create healthy recipes that my family says taste great, so they must be good. I think peanut butter and chocolate were meant to be together, sorry jelly, and life is awesome when you spend it with people you love!