First Week of Art Classes!

What an amazing week! So many students so much talent! This week the younger students started off  learning the basics of color mixing and they had a great time experimenting with blending and creating new colors. They learned about using different texture in their paintings as well. The second part of their project will focus on the elements of line, shape and form, the essentials to learning how to draw. Each week we will cover new material using different mediums and skills. Every skill  learned will need to be applied repeatedly in most projects so they can really grasp it.

Photo Sep 15, 5 10 37 PM Photo Sep 15, 5 10 45 PM

Photo Sep 16, 12 08 19 PM Photo Sep 16, 12 08 22 PM



Older classes focused on drawing basics. Starting out with line, contour drawing and understanding form.  Student viewed a variety of different drawings to fully understand the concepts being discussed. They had to use the drawing skills learned to draw a beautiful still life.

Photo Sep 15, 6 26 49 PM Photo Sep 15, 6 27 02 PM Photo Sep 15, 6 28 22 PM

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