Photo Nov 24, 5 25 05 PM

Sunset Atmospheric Perspective

”First time students learned how to successfully create depth in a landscape painting by changing the values of distant hills. They also learned how to blend colors to make a sunset.”
Photo Nov 24, 5 25 05 PM

Photo Jan 06, 9 31 41 PM

Lighthouse Silhouette

”The focus of this painting was learning how to successfully blend colors without creating a muddy effect. Students learned about creating a silhouette and how to draw a lighthouse using lines and shapes.”


Photo Jan 06, 9 31 41 PM


Autumn Apple Baskets

”Painting seasonal apple baskets was so much fun! Each painting turned out so unique and beautiful!”




Hat on a Fence

”Students learned some fun techniques for painting different effects such as wood, straw, ribbon. They also studied the importance of light and shadow to create form.”






Oil Pastel Beehives

”Students learned how to draw by breaking down forms into simple shapes and lines. They then explored the concept of shadows and highlights with oil pastels.”

AGE 7-8

Photo Jun 19, 5 24 16 PM

‘Paul Gauguin, Tropical Beach”

”This was a great lesson to the start off the summer. Students looked at paintings of artist, Paul Gauguin and we talked about his unique style. He used many unrealistic colors in his paintings and painted many palm tree scenes. After drawing their own beach landscape, students used oil pastels in unrealistic colors but correct values to complete their work.”

Photo Jun 19, 5 24 32 PM